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How to track a cheating spouse

OK something in your head just wont go away, your thinking about it all the while it’s driving you crazy and you just need to know.


Who is this message from

Is my wife, partner or husband cheating on me ? things seem to be different going out a lot more, late from work you know the sort of thing i’m talking about. Some of our gadgets could help you get to the truth about your cheating spouse. In this blog we will be explain how to track a cheating spouse using technology that is cheap, discreet and easy to use. By far the best way is to use a GPS Tracker we can  supply an affordable real time tracker. After you purchase the equipment there are no running costs but you will need a pay as you go sim card, this does not need to be topped up as you will be dialing to it so no costs are involved.

Step 1 Purchase a real time GPS Tracker Here On Sale At £22.00 This little box of tricks is small and there are no tricky wires or complicated set up and it is easily hidden. Just insert a new pay as you go sim card and make sure the Vehicle Tracker is fully charged and you are ready to go.

Vehicle gps tracker

Vehicle Real Time GPS Tracker








Step  2

Hide the Vehicle GPS Tracker in the vehicle, when your ready to find what your looking for dial the sim card telephone number you will then get a text response from the tracker which will give you the exact coordinates and position you can use these on any mapping software like “GOOGLE EARTH” this will give you the position of the tracker within 35 metre’s.


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